Monday, 19 December 2011

Rooms Magazine

The bright moon lights the night sky, casting its eerie blue light across the forest below. Dark shadows are cast by the odd array of plant life, hints of light are seen emitting from strange fungi, trees gnarled and foreboding stark against the blanket of stars. A deer prances around grazing the small tufts of grass dotted around the trees. Amongst the stillness of the night a strange room is seen. The wind caresses the curtains, the candles flicker delicately, something is not quite right here.....

Heres the cover illustration for Issue 07 of Rooms Magazine. The cover had to relate to a 'Room' some how, my idea was to have the juxtaposed idea of a room, which is usually considered to be a safe, secure place, exposed in an environment that is not considered to be so secure. I wanted the piece to have a mysterious and an almost ominous feel to it, as if something was about to happen...

I also had an 8 page feature complete with interview! There's some really great work in there by some awesome artists so go get yourself a copy!

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