Sunday, 17 June 2012

RareKind Manchester.

I'm now part of RareKind Manchester, and they are having a launch event in Manchester. All the artists were asked to produce a  print for it and there is going to be a pop up exhibition of the artwork. Its going to be awesome so if you can make it get yourselves down there! 

'On July 13th 2012, the RareKind Manchester artists are producing artwork for launch of RK/M at 2022NQ.

Artists include—

Krek | Eight Bit | Mr Penfold | Rob Fenton | Tom Edwards | MayNinth | Neequaye Dreph | Rob Davies | Luke Brookes | Hammo | Ross Phillips | Waste | Rocket01 | Faunagraphic | James Roper'


  1. Would love to be at this exhibition to see new talents. Student budgets ey!?
    Good luck though and take lots of pictures!

  2. Well thats a shame! But don't worry there will be lots of pictures so stay tuned! Also if you wish to purchase any of the prints after the exhibition just drop me a mail and i'll sort it out! Cheers